Browse Internet Efficiently and Safely

Internet is exciting thing in the world. We can get information from internet. The internet is a warehouse of information – a boon for anyone who wants to learn, do research or just find interesting stuff online. As stated in the article, “ten tips to master the internet”. The article also says that sometimes there can be such as an information overload that you lose track of what you originally wanted to use the World Wide Web (WWW) for. So, to make your journey on the cyberspace safer and more efficient, there are some tips. First, make the most of your time online. Then, use search engine, bookmarks your favorite sites, download faster and easier, computer protected from viruses, and the last, beware of spams.

When start to online, many persons start to spend his time to thought about website will visited. That makes your time spend meaningless. To avoid that, certain your self to make a list or things you want to do online, like visit a website, read email, or just read some news.

Cyberspace is warehouse of information. It is important to know how find information needed by us. The answer is use search engine! We familiar with some search engine like,, or To search about something, make your keyword be as specific as possible. If your keyword is phrase, don’t forget to put it in quotes. It will ensure that the result contains the phrase.

Next tips is bookmarks your favorite sites. Maybe you have address website visited regularly. Believe it that it can make your time effective when you bookmark your favorite website. It make you avoid from frustrating when not remember website address surely. Another advantage is makes your surfing simpler.

Many interested things in internet. There are papers, games, picture, film, music or other files. And we often have wish to copy that things into our computer, it is called download. To make your download process easier and faster, you should use download manager, like Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) or another download manager. It makes your download speed up and usually has facility to resume download process if internet connection disconnect suddenly.

Thing can not separated from internet is viruses. It can begin from download documents, games, software, or etc. so, if you want to download something, please download from reputed download sites. And also certain your self when open email attachment that unless you know who sent them. If you do not know about them, you should not to download attachments with .exe or .scr extentions. As anticipative step, you can use antivirus, like Norton antivirus, Mc Afee, AVG or others. And don’t forget to updates your antivirus period.

Last, beware of spams. Spams is falsehood information, usually you get from email. For example, you get an email gave you an information that you will get Rp. 1.000.000 if you send Rp. 100.000 to a number of bank account. Or you will be a lucky person if pass that email to minimal ten person. For this case, I thing just one solution to avoid us from unlucky event, do you want to know? Delete it! Yes, delete an email. You do not need email which spread lie or false information.

Ok, make your internet browsing comfort and happy by follow some tips given in this article. Small thing can make trouble in your life. So, do not neglect it. Certain your self that your internet surfing is safe by use an application guard like antivirus and don’t open attachment with suspicious extentions or purpose. And also, make your time spend effectively with definite what will you do in internet. Good luck and try it.

Dedi Setiawan @ Villatel Putra, Bandung
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2. Oakley data service (1998).Ten tips to Master the Internet. Available : [February 28,2002]


3 thoughts on “Browse Internet Efficiently and Safely

  1. Dulu aku kecanduan internet.. sekarang bosen sama internet, jadi bingung mo kemana.. rasanya gak ada yang menarik lagi.. blogwalking gini malah lumayan seru.. jadi mengenal berbagai pikiran orang.

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